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The second-most popular question any travel writer gets is what’s the best or favorite place they’ve been*. It’s an impossible question.

Travel has already shifted from going to “see things” to going to “do things.” It’s less about going to see a ruin, I believe, than arranging a language-school homestay immersion, with daytrips to ruins. It’s more the how of travel, than the where.

For me the BEST PLACE IN THE WORLD can be any place in the world. So for me it’s a rotating title.

So I’m starting a new series here on my candidates of the “best places” as a sort of makeover of the tired ol’ Top 10 list format.

burmaFor starters, this isn’t cubicle travel. I’ve been to these places — often for vast amounts of time, researching independently and anonymously. For each, I will create a  single-post “microguide,” with enough details to actually plan a trip. It includes why one should go, the best things to do, a two-week itinerary that I’d recommend to my friends, the untruths of the place, the worst things about visiting, and more things to read.

Oh, and a 10-point grading on how much you can show off if you do go.

See the “best place in the world” here.

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* The most popular question a travel writer gets is how to get the “job.”

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  2. Mark Danny says:

    Nice post about the best place in the world. Lots of amazing and beautiful places are available in all over the world which are marvelous. For travel, australia is the best place as per my opinion.

  3. archana says:

    Thank u for sharing such a wonderful and beautiful place!

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