Behold the Wichita Bierock

About a week before the Covid-19 quarantine hit home, I was in Wichita, Kansas, researching a local specialty for what would be my last travel article/video as a full-fledged travel writer. (On the way home, I pulled off the road to take a call – a job offer from my new job as a host of an art show for Oklahoma’s PBS member station, OETA!)

The bierock is a Volga-German specialty, a meat-filled bun that is impossible not to love. You get them from German restaurants made from shipping containers or drive-thru windows of former taco stands.

The article/video just got published by USA Today’s 10 Best. Have a look.

I’ll probably still write the occasional travel article – if I get takers – but the focus now is producing scripts and hosting art for TV. I’m happy with it.

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Robert Reid is a travel writer (Lonely Planet, New York Times, ESPN), travel expert (Today Show, CNN's Headline News), travel videographer (76-Second Travel Show) and travel artist (don't ask).
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