Fly to Live: Aboard Iron Maiden’s Ed Force One

Iron Maiden’s Bruce Dickinson has been flying jets for 10 years. Last week, I joined him on the Iron Maiden plane — the infamous ‘Ed Force One’ — on a flight for Iceland Express from Newark to Reykjavik. (The budget airline is expanding its North American routes, with Iceland-bound flights from Boston, Chicago, Newark and Winnipeg).

Bruce is a great guy, offering me jet views from the cockpit and the Iceland tarmac. He told me flying is a ‘huge privilege,’ like a ‘miracle,’ even a ‘spiritual’ experience when you get to hover over ‘the earth’s shadow.’ That’s why he keeps this part-time job, as a CAPTAIN pilot, amidst a summer Iron Maiden tour (after Iceland, he was jetting to Basel via London for a Maiden show — in different attire, no doubt).

Ed Force One, as seen in the super Maiden documentary Flight 666, is ‘a bit of a superstar,’ to Dickinson. (Actually it’s a bit dated, but fine to fly.)

I had fun watching boarding passengers in the terminal gawk at the plane out the window. ‘Ohh, we’re getting the Iron Maiden plane!,’ I heard one voice, turning to find a 50-something New Jersey mom. ‘What’s the singer/pilot’s name again?’ Her daughter coolly answered, ‘Bruce something.’ I gave them the full name. ‘Oh I hope he’s flying today!’

He was.

I’ll have more of my interview with Bruce soon, but thought I’d share some photos.

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2 Responses to Fly to Live: Aboard Iron Maiden’s Ed Force One

  1. tom caw says:

    Fantastic. Please tell me you asked him if he has ever chosen to fly where eagles dare.

  2. Cool! Saw the Ed Force One. This morning while changing flights from Toronto to Rej. to Paris. Wondered what it was. Had no idea that was the story. Thanks for sharing your experience.

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