Interview: Ian Frazier on Siberia

Ian Frazier spent about 17 years researching and writing ‘Travels in Siberia,’ about the same time Axl Rose took for ‘Chinese Democracy’ — but with better results. Frazier’s fascination for the forlorn and mythic, plus his humor, has always appealed to me. When I started as a Lonely Planet author, I picked put two destinations atop my author wish-list: the US Great Plains and Siberia. Two areas he’s now written full books on.

I got the chance to meet and speak with him recently, about why he spent so much time in a place people usually avoid, and what exactly his phrase ‘Russia-love’ means. As he puts it, everyone has ‘one country’ — a place they are instinctively drawn to and can’t help it. For him, it’s Russia.

What’s yours?

Here’s my book review on ‘Travels in Siberia’ for Lonely Planet.

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  1. Siberia is a good one, definitely on my list. However, France is my number one, always has been. I’ll see in just 4 short days if it lives up to the hype.

  2. xl pharmacy says:

    This is incredible that this man spent 17 years in Siberia it could be really hard to the adaptation there and also dangerous, the really important was that he could write ‘Travels in Siberia,’

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