76-Second Travel Show: “Travel Magazine Olympics (Oct/Nov)”

Episode #006
F E A T U R I N G * 44 * B O N U S * S E C O N D S

We understand the time constraints on your life. We understand, too, you like to dream. That’s why SSTS has poured through five travel magazines for the October/November 2009 period and picked out the three best contributions for you to read.

Only one is available online. All three are examples of how the best travel works: anyone who is passionate about something will make you care about it too, even if you know nothing about it. Even bullriding.

  • GOLD: Afar‘s piece on how french bread rebounded from “mediocrity” in the ’80s to something worth detouring for in Paris. It’s written by an amateur DC bread-maker who tries by error to learn how to make bread the French way. I hadn’t realized how much culture and pomp were in all those baguettes. I should have known. I’ll certainly look at them differently whenever I get back to Paris.
  • SILVER: Conde Nast Traveler‘s Readers Awards will get the attention in its November issues, but the best piece is about the glorious alcoholic roots of New Orleans. The long intro makes you ashamed of your own drinking scene (seriously ashamed), and it gets capped with a surprisingly readable list of the 38 best bars in town. Maybe I should move to New Orleans.
  • BRONZE: American Cowboy, that’s right American Cowboy, devotes about half of its pages to travel, and the most entertaining piece zeroes in on the most popular part of the rodeo: bullriding. Illustrations show the best and worst rides of all time, plus details on different leagues, scoring systems and where to see it next (like Las Vegas’ championships ending today). It looks better in print than its website.

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Robert Reid is a travel writer (Lonely Planet, New York Times, ESPN), travel expert (Today Show, CNN's Headline News), travel videographer (76-Second Travel Show) and travel artist (don't ask).
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