Top 10 Things in Robert Reid’s Head

On a sticky Sunday evening…

1. Nouveaux pant-folding techniques. Something tells me there are better, more advanced and efficient pant-folding techniques out there I don’t know about yet. And it hurts me to admit it.
2. U-Turn Travel. Wall St’s crashed, jobs are slashed, Facebook/Twitter’s out of control. Could it be this is the year of a grand U-TURN? That means, post cards while traveling — not emails — and drawing the bus driver’s swooping moustache, not catching it on Flip Video.
3. Boring NBA playoffs. After ‘March Madness’ gave us maybe one upset in 30-some games, the NBA playoffs are shaping up to be more blah — until LA and Cleveland meet up.
4. Eight-five degrees is about seven degrees too hot. I’ll say it: summer is overrated. One warm Brooklyn day and I’m looking at a night shower (second of the day).
5. New York Times‘ Travel Section Today. A full section covering ‘Europe for every budget,’ or, um, $250 and $1000 per day. $1000? Lost opportunity for a $100, $200 and $350 per day breakdown. I’m guessing $1000 is way over most people’s heads about now. I’d say $250’s over mine.
6. The Wrestler. Saw it last night. Not really that good, despite the performances, but loved the unabashed use of ’80s metal (Accept!). And I like Mickey Rourke’s take on the ’90s: ‘the ’90s sucked.’
7. The weird Hansel & Gretel house in Brooklyn’s Bay Ridge. Went out to Brooklyn’s southwesternest neighborhood, where the Verrazano Bridge connects the borough with Staten Island, to walk along the water and have some Vietnamese food on 4th Ave. By pure accident, stumbled into an infamous Hobbit-styled home. A Papa John’s ad was rubber-banded to the gate.
8. Top 10 lists. Are they getting out of hand?
9. Pretty, cute, hug-me flowers. I’m probably sissy for thinking it, but it’s nice seeing lavender and pink flowers on browstone-street trees for a couple weeks every spring.
10. Battle re-enactment etiquette. Are first-time battle re-enactors made to fall first during mock battles? How many years does it take to graduate to ‘survival’ status?

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Robert Reid is a travel writer (Lonely Planet, New York Times, ESPN), travel expert (Today Show, CNN's Headline News), travel videographer (76-Second Travel Show) and travel artist (don't ask).
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