Sofia Likes to Dance

Bulgaria’s famed for its yoghurt, its ski slopes, its beaches and its lovely little head bob which you never know means ‘yes,’ ‘no,’ ‘as you wish,’ ‘I’m glad you’re happy’ or ‘kindly leave my sight.’

On my last night recently, some Sofia friends Assen and Ira took me to a classic: a traditional restaurant outside the centre lined with portraits of 47 Bulgarian heroes and 11 flags. A traditional band — guy with big drum, a clarinet, an accordion and a guy with a Strat — played as the tables emptied and a long line of locals danced in a frenzy around the small area between tables.


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  1. Rumela says:

    Very interesting,after read your post glad to know that your sofia friends are very cheers person.i hope you also enjoy this Dance Party.

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